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Defining new growth pathways for a beloved brand


How can Chewy move beyond e-commerce to become an iconic brand in its own right?

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Purpose: Amplify the power of pets to connect people

In the lead up to their IPO in 2019, Chewy wanted to evolve their brand to propel new growth and formalize their core story and messages after growing on inspired instinct for many years.

Chewy came to us as an 8 year old startup that had become the leader in pet e-commerce, outstripping Amazon. In the lead up to their IPO they wanted to define their next growth pathway, and ready their brand for further expansion.

To expand their customer base by engaging a younger generation of pet parents - an audience that understand the powerful role pets play in connecting us to the world around us.

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Based on qual and quant research, as well as a deep dive on their uniqueness, we defined a fresh positioning and purpose, and manifested those as a comprehensive messaging and tone of voice toolkit to empower their teams to deliver consistency with freedom.

We defined their purpose, positioning and identity, and since then have been their ongoing brand advisor - helping them build a brand that's beloved by customers and employees alike.

To activate the purpose, we chose areas that were lacking human connection and found creative ways to make them more "Chewy" through pets.

In the years since the strategy was finalized, we've continued to find new ways to embed the purpose into the Chewy business. We've partnered to development new proprietary brands that bring the purpose to life in new categories. We've also continued to refine the brand architecture to ensure that all the magic throughout the Chewy ecosystem is coming to life in service of the Chewy purpose.




Since we started working with them, Chewy's revenues have doubled to nearly $8B, mapping to 200% growth in users up to 20m in 2021.


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