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Once the pandemic ends, one in four employees will be looking for a new job. As employees have navigated isolation, back-to-back virtual meetings, lack of childcare, social and political turmoil, the toll on our mental and physical health has risen and called into question how we work, where we work, and why we work. Leaders will have to make exceptional efforts to listen, learn, and act, to rebuild their culture and prevent their business from experiencing a talent exodus.


In this 30-minute session, we'll give practical guidance for keeping employees engaged and on board during this period of rapid change:

  • Tuning into the hidden cultural shifts that have taken place in an unprecedented moment of remote work
  • Setting a post-pandemic vision that inspires employees at all levels
  • Making this vision actionable with processes and systems that empower people to co-create the future of your organization

Watch the Webinar

Hosted by our Organization + Culture Design practice:

Kit Krugman, Managing Director, Organization + Culture Design
Derek Newberry, Strategy Lead
Noah Salzman, Senior Strategist