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Helping an iconic apparel brand pivot to unlock their next phase of growth


How do we shift from a shirts and shoes company to The Human Performance Company?


Purpose: The human performance company that gives you the edge to push beyond any limit

After years of growth, the beloved sports giant needed to refocus their brand and business.

As they'd grown, they'd created a blizzard of branding that diluted the meaning of their masterbrand and made it difficult for people to understand their offering.



As UA's partner since 2018, we've helped them solve numerous challenges that are fundamental to their business.

Over our years together, we've defined and activated their purpose and story, threading it through all aspects of their business, internally and externally.

Together we created a streamlined, easily navigable brand architecture that communicates performance benefits and builds stronger relationships between their target consumer and the masterbrand - guided by the purpose we narrowed their architecture down to four key pillar brands to activate against.
This architecture also makes brand management more efficient inside the organization and prompted a new naming structure that follows the hierarchy.

We also activated their Purpose in the world through actions, services and products that make athletes better, while also connecting the company with youth activists to galvanize around a shared goa that supports the overarching purposel: fighting for access to sport for everyone who wishes to participate.

Together we helped UA evaluate the value of new market opportunities - from workwear to research and innovation centers - and outlined how it would work both functionally and organizationally.

We also partnered on sustainability initiatives and innovations to connect their purpose to the impact they're looking to have on the world.




Building from the purpose, we helped Under Armour become a preferred, purpose-driven brand by simplifying our offer to the consumer, allowing us to scale and cut through the noise, creating an emotional connection - through the lens of their collective ambition.

Their transformation into the Human Performance Company informs everything that they do. As a result, Under Armour has increased sales, reversed the decline in growth, remained profitable through 2020, and has a clear growth path forward.

Since we began working with them, Under Armour has increased sales, reversed the decline in growth, and had their best year ever in 2021, up
11% YOY.

Together with Under Armour we have not only redefined the brand for today, but for the future.


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