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Entering a new category in a BIG way


How could YouTube bring to life the magic of music on their platform through a dedicated service?

A radical approach to music

YouTube wanted to strengthen their position among passionate music fans. They were looking to develop ownership over a unique space within the music streaming landscape with the launch of their dedicated music app.


We helped YouTube launch their music app with an emphasis on how the YouTube platform provides a fundamentally different way of discovering music. With unmatched breadth and depth, personalized playlists, and a community of artists and fans amounting to 1 billion users, YouTube was offering something radically different in the marketplace. We defined the core story for the YouTube Music app, developed an extendable brand architecture, and kicked off their largest marketing push of 2015. We created an Anthem film, three teaser TrueViews, product videos, and an App Store demo video.


Three weeks after the app launched in late 2015, there were over 1.5 million downloads. The launch film garnered 5 million views and the stations have had over 10.6 million views through 2016. As of Spring 2019, YouTube Music has 15M+ subscribers.


1.5 MM

5 MM



Downloads three weeks after launch in 2015

Views of the launch film

Views of the stations after 1 year

Subscribers after 4 years


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