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Simplifying and accelerating a growth engine


How can Google unify their disparate business offerings while also capitalizing on new workplace trends?


Simplifying Google’s business offerings to accelerate growth

We audited Google's "Google Enterprise" brand and its experiences at the beginning of our engagement with them. Through this, we found significant brand fragmentation. Naming and brand architecture was inconsistent — some brands were named with the audience experience in mind, others were named around Google products. The "Google Enterprise" brand lacked a clear connection to Google's core mission. In order to increase revenue streams outside of the advertising market, Google had to restructure these enterprise offerings.

And new entrants like Box and Slack were defining the future of work. Google needed to keep up by addressing the mindset of workplace millennials and appealing to individual workers, not just CIOs.


We helped the Google Enterprise team reshape their approach and brand strategy in order to drive bottom-up workplace adoption. We conducted a deep analysis of user/buyer behaviors and culture, and subsequently began our work by renaming Google's enterprise offerings “Google for Work”. Then, we defined their purpose.

Purpose: Liberate people from business as usual

Google for Work eliminated the complexity and inconsistency of Google’s many B2B services. It aligned all the offerings with the broader Google story. We also defined a new target customer called “positive disruptors” – forward-thinking people and organizations who embrace new ways of working.

Finally, we rallied the organization behind the name, messaging, tone-of-voice, and identity through internal content and communications.

At launch, Eric Schmidt stated: “We wanted to create a new way of doing work. So the time has come for our name to catch up with our ambition."


250M+ customers in the year following launch

2x faster revenue growth than Google‘s other business units


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