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Introducing blockchain to the world


How do you marry the power and scale of IBM with the possibilities of blockchain?


Pioneers of a new category

IBM Blockchain, a founding member of The Hyperledger Consortium, was deeply invested in new blockchain enterprise solutions and networks. The promise of the nascent technology was innumerable — it establishes a new foundation of trust that has the potential to revolutionize supply chain management, financial services, and many other industries.

But IBM had to overcome an industry problem: only ‘blockchainers’ spoke in their deep-tech language. This alienated a large population of business decision-makers who were excited about blockchain, but didn’t really know what it actually was.

We worked with IBM Blockchain to develop a Quest and narrative platform that married the power and scale of IBM with the possibilities of blockchain.

Quest: Collective truth

The narrative platform, "What problems can we solve together?" came from a controversial driving insight. Rather than talking about the technology, IBM would start talking about its exponential benefit for collective industries, organizations, and individuals.


Launching IBM Blockchain to the world

We interviewed IBM team members, consortium stakeholders, and industry leaders about their understanding of Blockchain. From these conversations, and additional research, we developed a new identity that positioned them as the market leader.

We concepted marketing and experience innovations that tangibly brought the IBM Blockchain brand to life for consumers and created a framework that accounted for future offerings, not just current products.




60+ Active blockchain networks

92 New supply chain clients

230M Supply chain trade shipping events logged

65M Weekly food safety customers


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