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Using company culture as a growth catalyst


How do we build an aligned Moody’s culture that attracts top talent and galvanizes our people around a new, inspiring vision?


A legacy brand at a moment of transformation

This over 100 year-old business was in the midst of a business and brand evolution to change their perception from being purely a credit ratings agency to being seen as a holistic risk management partner to the world’s most consequential companies.

They reached out to us to create new values that would define a new, more dynamic culture, and a new employer brand to attract the right talent to accelerate them toward this exciting vision.


Aligning culture with strategic aspirations

Based on deep research across Moody’s global regions and at every level of the business, we uncovered key shifts leaders would need to make in the organizational culture in order to deliver on their strategic aspirations.

We used those insights to develop a new employer brand to communicate the value proposition of growing and staying at Moody’s to a much broader audience of tech talent and finance experts who may not have considered a career at Moody’s in the past.

From there, we created a set of user-friendly guidelines to ensure consistency in expression of the brand identity across internal and external channels.

To manage the change as part of rollout, we also helped leaders craft an internal narrative about the business evolution behind the brand refresh to bring the organization along. We created a highly visual, compelling guide for the Moody’s culture to bring the values and EVP to life.




The new EVP launched to the world in March 2024.

This north star for the Moody’s culture is serving as a catalyst for modernization of the business, including the roll out of a new global digital workspace and the launch of employee engagement tools and benefits, all positioning Moody’s as an employer of choice in the tech and financial services industry.


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