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Equipping anyone to unlock the abundant benefits of home ownership


How can we leverage visual identity to make the home buying process feel more like home?

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Equip anyone to unlock the abundant benefits of home ownership

As OJO entered year six of their startup journey, they had a strong team, a handful of acquisitions, and a big goal to bring something new to the real estate industry.

But they found themselves at a crossroads, needing to make big business decisions around the brand, the product, and team, and were seeking a guiding compass.

We started by tackling tough strategic questions about the company: its name and equity, the influence and architecture of new acquisitions, and the foundations needed to move beyond home search and into the entire ownership journey.


To unlock OJO’s next phase of growth we worked together to define their purpose, and then use that to build and launch an updated brand.

Deeply rooted in customer understanding, the new OJO purpose rallied the company around a unifying goal: “Equip anyone to unlock the abundant benefits of home ownership.”

From these foundations, we designed a new logo, brand identity, and tone of voice that conveys warmth, optimism, and empathetic support.

Our story platform “Make Moves” has also become the rallying concept that unifies action, messaging, and decision making throughout the company - stemming from their newly defined purpose.




This story platform unifies consumer messaging with a manifesto, launch video, social, and launch activations, while also providing guidance for key partnerships, internal employee value prop and experiences, and the product feature roadmap.

The new brand and customer-facing work started rolling out as of Q4 of 2022 and will continue into 2023 as this Series D startup enters another year at the top of the Inc. 5000.


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