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Redefining productivity for a new world of work


How do you keep a brand built on productivity relevant in a world where people seek purpose and self-fulfillment from their work?


Quest: fuel more meaningful work

Amplify was an education start-up with a big dream: to make the world fairer by revolutionizing how kids learn using a digital-first approach.

But teachers feared that digitally-enhanced learning would replace them. A complacent education establishment was highly invested in preserving the status quo.

We needed to create a credible brand in education. One that convinced teachers and superintendents that Amplify wasn’t their enemy, but rather their greatest ally. That Amplify would increase their impact and would not replace them.

We embedded with Amplify to create the culture of a hungry startup. Together, we crafted a new kind of brand from the ground up. We created everything from product to brand architecture, design and positioning.

We discovered that veteran teachers were set in their views and not open to ours. But we unearthed a new cohort — young, idealistic teachers who were obsessed with making education fairer. They became Amplify’s muse and advocates. Everything we did signaled that we were their allies and could provide the tools to make a difference.


Showcasing productivity through doers

We helped create and launch an entirely new digital education offering. When we began, no product would be ready for 18 months. As a result, we created the Amplify brand and designed a launch plan that would give them a voice in education and make the new brand and business tangible in advance of concrete product availability. We also developed its first product – a content platform advocating for digital innovation in education. And we helped transition the existing brand and culture of legacy assets into the new brand, creating training and guidelines for internal teams.




30M video views

+10 point life in 'collaborative' perception of Office 365 product

+8 point overall brand life

+6 point increased purchase intent

+6 point increased press and social mentions


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