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Redefining productivity for a new world of work


How do you keep a brand built on productivity relevant in a world where people seek purpose and self-fulfillment from their work?


Quest: fuel more meaningful work

Microsoft Office, the largest player in business software, has always been single-mindedly focused on making the world’s workforce more productive. But in a world where we don’t just work for a  paycheck, but see it as a source of meaning, purpose and self- fulfillment,  Microsoft’s definition of productivity felt increasingly out of step with the times.


To make sure Office continues to be loved and preferred we needed to redefine Microsoft Office’s take on productivity for today’s world of work.


Today’s younger workers are more motivated by the desire to make a dent in the universe than merely churning out ‘deliverables’ faster. 


But passion-driven projects also need powerful visual expression to make them  real and shareable. We positioned Microsoft Office as a means to power the projects that allow people to make a meaningful contribution to the world at work, individually and together.


Showcasing productivity through doers

The Quest drove our go-to-market content strategy — we showcased iconic and modern users of Office. These users would be influential small businesses and solopreneurs who were changing the world of work.


We selected the subjects and produced a content campaign across video and social. These short-form videos brought the STORY platform, “Less DOING, More Done”, to life through product demos. The demos were inspiring stories that demonstrated the potential of Office products and services.





+10 point

+8 point

+6 point

+6 point

Video views

Lift in ‘collaborative’ perception of Office 365 product

Overall brand life

Increased purchase intent

Increased press and social mentions


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