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Building a global sustainability movement for business leaders


How do you create a movement where businesses of all sizes come together to make a real impact on climate change?


Purpose: Build a global sustainability movement for SMBs and business leaders 

Climate change is the defining issue of our time and businesses of all sizes have a role to play in protecting our planet and our communities today and in the future.

While enterprise businesses have entire divisions dedicated to sustainability and inclusive growth, small and medium businesses, who have the biggest combined impact on the global economy, are left to fend for themselves without resources or trusted partners.

For over a century, TIME has guided people’s response to a changing world. They recognized the unique challenges facing SMBs in this space and decided to help.

In 2022, they came to co: to launch a new, independent unit of TIME Media, with the goal of reimagining climate finance to aggregate the full power of SMBs to drive change.

Introducing, a resource that will play the role of Chief Sustainability Officer for SMBs.

A movement where businesses of all sizes come together to make a real impact on climate change. No longer limited by resources, but liberated for action.


Breathing new life into climate action

Working directly with its founders and senior leadership, co: developed the logo, visual identity and tone of voice of the new brand helping TIME realize its ambition to deliver the “easy button” for companies of all sizes to decarbonize their own business but also support net zero and nature positive solutions.

As a pre-launch partner, we iterated in real-time with the core team to design a brand system that showcases the uniqueness of the TIME CO2 POV and provided strategic guidance into how to structure and message the product offering to appeal to the SMB community, an audience traditionally overlooked and underserved in the complex, greenwashed world of offsets.



Impact has become a gamechanging climate action platform.

Since launch, has enabled customers of all sizes to achieve carbon-neutral operations through their climate action portfolio – a collection of projects that represent what the world needs to address climate change. It continues to grow with editorial coverage, live events and partnerships with leading cross category voices on climate.


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