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Bringing light to lab-grown diamonds


How do you launch a new brand in a category rife with confusion, competition, and old clichés?


Quest: Bring light to the lab-grown diamond industry

DeBeers’ foray into the new, more affordable category of lab grown diamonds made sense from a brand perspective, but was paved with challenges. Consumers were confused about the authenticity of these diamonds and how and where to wear them. Competitors merely recycled mined-diamond clichés.


We needed to help Lightbox to step up to educate and lead. It was time to give lab-grown diamonds their own codes and customs and firmly separate them from their mined cousins. Immersing ourselves in the lives of our audience, we plotted their journeys and mapped the points where they celebrate. We unlocked space for diamond jewelry made for life’s less serious moments — accessible and affordable, and designed to be worn every day. Prosecco moments, not champagne moments. This insight allowed Lightbox to redefine and own this nascent category, and it transformed everything from product to retail experience and communications.


We helped Lightbox enter and lead the new category of lab-grown diamonds

Launch: We identified the unique occasions and moments lab-grown diamonds can illuminate. We then framed  the connections between female family members and friends as the brand’s community. We leveraged those moments and our community across our storytelling.


Social: We brought the brand to life with social videos and imagery. We brought education into everything we did, while at the same time giving Lightbox a more fashion-forward refresh.


Activations: We launched in the world with experiences that let our audience encounter and purchase the diamonds for themselves.


We not only launched the brand successfully into the lab-grown diamonds category but helped it gain authority and significant business momentum



Media impressions

PR impressions

Hit Annual sales goals in first 2 months

Now in its second year, the brand has extended its online presence to Reeds, Bloomingdale's, and many independent jewelry stores.


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