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Bringing light to lab-grown diamonds


How do you effectively launch a new brand of lab-grown diamond jewelry in a crowded, opaque, and cliche-filled industry?


Experience the true sparkle of lab-grown diamonds

The category of lab-grown diamonds is growing quickly, but consumers have voiced confusion and skepticism regarding the ‘realness' of lab-grown diamonds. Chemically, diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are exactly the same. The primary difference is lab-grown diamonds are made, well, in a lab. This makes them easier to produce and therefore more affordable.


As a direct-to-consumer brand in a relatively new category, Lightbox needed to not only gain brand awareness, but also educate consumers. They wanted people to know that Lightbox was not for “forever” moments like wedding proposals, but rather for everyday moments that deserve a little extra light.


As their agency of record, we began by facilitating the development of the go-to-market brand experience. We helped them create a new market — one that goes beyond proposals. Since lab-grown diamonds make ownership more accessible, we aimed to create new life moments where Lightbox diamonds could be worn.


Quest: Bring light to diamonds, making them clear and accessible


We developed the go-to-market strategy, communications design, marketing approach, and creative strategy. We execute all advertising communications and influencer strategy; lead content development including brand manifesto, tone-of-voice, video and photography production, and website content; oversee media rollouts. We also stewarded the development of two pop-up stores in NYC and LA and an activation at WorldPride 2019 in NYC.





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